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Groove Pillows

Your pillow’s job is to help create the best sleep environment for your body. Soft pillows feel pleasant when you sink into bed, but they don’t provide proper support. And you feel that in the morning.

However I have recently found a pillow that I think might finally do the job. The Groove® memory foam pillow is a new orthopedic pillow that supports your head and neck in different positions for side and back sleepers. It reduces stiffness and tension while also improving your posture and counteracting the effects of slouching.

I have partnered with Groove to offer 10% off their pillow and can personally vouch for its effectiveness in treating neck pain, but also for anyone looking for a supportive pillow. You can click buy now below and enter the code P-FATEMEH at checkout to get your discount!

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Groove Silk Pillowcase

The Groove Classic Silk pillowcase is an ideal partner for your EasySleeper in the winter as it doesn’t get as cold as cotton, but it also regulates your temperature so you are unlikely to wake up in sweats. In addition to regulating our temperature, using a silk pillowcase is a great way of taking care of our skin and hair. Silk doesn’t absorb moisture, so it helps you keep your skin hydrated and hair glossy.

This pillowcase is custom designed to fit the EasySleeper pillow perfectly, so you can say goodbye to ill-fitting pillow cases and enjoy a neat, tailored fit.

You can click buy now below and enter the code P-FATEMEH at checkout to get your discount!


Groove X Knee Pillow

Specifically designed to cushion the space between your knees and provide the proper support
for your spine and pelvic alignment. Helping to relieve the pressure on your hip and thigh
muscles, it works with your body’s natural shape while you sleep.

Unlike a standard pillow, the X-Pillow has an ergonomic groove to cradle your thighs and keep
them aligned in their natural position. And to make sure the pillow’s position isn’t disrupted
during the night, you have an elasticated loop that comfortably straps around one of your legs
for ultimate security.

You can click buy now below and enter the code P-FATEMEH at checkout to get your discount!

"Dr. fatemeh is the real deal!"
“Further to my recent follow up treatment, I felt it was important to fully express my gratitude for your help.
I felt immense pain and discomfort in my shoulder and neck when we first met and I had already tried a number of treatments without any relief at all.
From the very first session, your honesty and sincerity marked you out from the others and after a few sessions I realised you have the healing hands of an angel! The pain had been getting worse before I saw you but was completely gone after 3 sessions and it has not returned within the first year.
I have recommended you to countless people because I know how concerned and frustrated people get with never-ending treatments that only provide temporary relief. Bless you for the good work you are doing and long may it continue.
Many, many thanks and speak again soon….”
Andrew Singh Bogan
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