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Our Courses

The courses will include:


A comprehensive live on day one to explain the joint, how it works and what sort of things could go wrong with it.


An exercise session once every week with an exercise program for you to follow at home.


Self help including:

  • Relevant Massages
  • Pain relief by using acupressure points
  • Mental work and changing belief towards chronic pain
  • Introducing equipment, gadgets and other products that could be beneficial such as the right pillow, mattress, shoes etc etc.


Your opportunity to record your every day improvement in a chart which is designed and produced by myself and sent to you as your introductory package.


A weekly “chatback” post for you to share your views with other participants and with me.


A short live at the end of each month to measure progress and answer any questions.


Final live at the last week to give final advice. If you chose to stay connected then you could be moved to our “Post Rehab Care” group which would be a private Insta page for £10 a month which will have regular posts, short clips of exercises and videos. 
"Dr. fatemeh is the real deal!"
“Further to my recent follow up treatment, I felt it was important to fully express my gratitude for your help.
I felt immense pain and discomfort in my shoulder and neck when we first met and I had already tried a number of treatments without any relief at all.
From the very first session, your honesty and sincerity marked you out from the others and after a few sessions I realised you have the healing hands of an angel! The pain had been getting worse before I saw you but was completely gone after 3 sessions and it has not returned within the first year.
I have recommended you to countless people because I know how concerned and frustrated people get with never-ending treatments that only provide temporary relief. Bless you for the good work you are doing and long may it continue.
Many, many thanks and speak again soon….”
Andrew Singh Bogan
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