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    "I can’t say enough about my wonderful experience with Dr. Fatemeh Rezaei"

    Due to a severe backache, I was bedridden for almost 9 months. I could not even perform my daily activities. Most of the physicians that I met could not provide any relief for me. A corticosteroid injection in my sacroiliac joints was effective, however, I was still limited and could not even stand straight.

    I live in Los Angeles, CA. So, I decided to video visit Dr. Rezaei remotely. During the online visits, she examined me and diagnosed my problem successfully. With her supervision, I used an SI joint belt, which was really effective. She gave me some instructions for SI joint and lower back exercises. The visits were online and she professionally diagnosed and targeted the problems even from behind the camera.
    Now, I am able to walk slowly, stand straight, and do my activities with much less pain.

    Dr. Rezaei is so caring and knowledgeable. I would like to thank her and her staff for all the treatment and care they gave me.

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